Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp is considered to be one of the most popular messaging application on modern smart phones. Whatsapp Web is one of the coolest feature as it help a user to connect mobile app to PC ( personal computer).This feature allows a user to open its whatsapp app in any browser thus benefiting a user to work at computer without checking whatsapp messages and notification on smart phone.

You can say that whatsapp web is actually a professional approach for professional people.

Using a Whatsapp web is Simple ?

Of course yes,its hell simple like eating a piece of cake.

lemme tell you how you can use whatsapp web

  • To use whatsapp web you should have a smart phone with whatsapp app installed and activated it it.
  • Your cell phone back camera should be working fine because if your camera is not working fine you can not be able to connect your phone with browser.
  • You should have internet package or WiFi access to your cell phone , as well as your PC must be connected to internet.
Now its time to connect

Open your browser,i prefer google chrome is the best browser for this but you can use you like the most.

open google search page if you don’t exactly know the web address of whatsapp web.just type there whatspp web and click on the fist link in search results of click here to go there.

Whatsapp Web

Click on the first link then you will see the screen look like this

whatsapp web

This is QR Code screen which you have to scan via your cell phone camera.

  • The next step is  unlock your smart phone go to your whatsapp app,click on the three dots on top right corner,when you click on that with your gorgeous thumb or finger 😛 you will see whatsapp web option on third number.
  • Press that option,click on it ,you will notice that your camera turn on with 2 red lines moving up and down.
  • This is actually camera trying to reade QR code that appear in whatsapp web you already opened in your browser.
  • Adjust your camera so that you can see code through your camera screen,camera will start scanning the QR Code ,within 2-3 seconds you will see all data will appear on your browser.

WOW You Made that 🙂 Congrats

now relax and use your whatsapp with all other online work you are doing on your PC.

But Listen

If you are using whatsapp on some friends PC or on any PC which do not belong to you then you should logout from your  whatsapp web.

It is very simple,close your browser,open your cell app,follow the same opening process,when you click on whatsapp web you will see that your app show you where your are still logged in ,below that option whatsapp web will give you the option that “logout from all devices” press that option and you are no more on any browser.

Its Done Now…

Enjoy the whatsapp web and don’t forget to tell your friends about this important feature.

Be happy and stay Awesome