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Whatsapp Status On Friendship

Whatsapp Status on Friendship : Whenever there is trust you can say there is friendship.This relation is best relation and it is beyond races ,cast,religions.It is impossible for us to collect the best status about friendship but we tried our best to dig out some most heart touching and facilitating status related to friendship.


I like your honesty that’s why i stand for you dear friend

***** Good Whatsapp Status on Friendship *****

I just need a friend who says good things behind my back.

I love hard times as it always reveal true friends.

***** Whatsapp Status For Friendship *****

I hate to do friendship with many friends ,my priority is just real ones.

To do friendship with thousands is not a big deal  ,make a friend who stand for you when thousands against you.

***** Whatsapp Status on Friendship Value *****

My friend is like a vault and i keep all secrets locked up in.

Friendship is just like a flower that always bloom in the branch of trust and sincerity.

***** Whatsapp Status On Friendship *****

Hey  thank you for being my friend and loving me so selflessly.

You are a good listener so you really become a good friend of mine.

I am sure we are good friends as we share clothes lol.

***** Whatsapp Status About Friendship *****

I respect my friends they know all about me and still loves me.

No matter how hard situations of life try to separate us, We shall always keep in touch.

***** Best Whatsapp Status on Friendship *****

Your small words always helps me a lot in my struggling period of life.

***** Whatsapp Status Of Friendship *****

Don’t be silly i am here for you so just smile i just need it.

i am starting a company where only friends are worker really friends company.

***** Whatsapp Status For Friendship Day *****

The world’s most brighter star i have in the shape of true friend like you.

Whenever destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relation, it corrects it’s mistake by making them real friends

 ***** Whatsapp Status on Friendship Destiny *****

Be strong life is hard but there’s always a rainbow after every storm a friendly advice.

It’s a fact as we grow older, we don’t lose friends, We just learn who the real ones are.

You know your friendship is the best present I ever got.

***** Lovely Quotes about friendship *****

i am crazy lazy but you are still my friend lovely.

Whenever I said I don’t need you that was the time I really need you.

***** Whatsapp Status On Broken Friendship *****

Dear friend live here and there don’t go anywhere.

For me friendship is weakest point that’s why i think i am the strongest one.

***** Whatsapp Status On Friendship Day *****

There are no words to explain friendship only emotions are there.

‘Friends are one of the most important ingredient in the recipe of happier life.

***** Whatsapp Status on Pure Friendship *****

There is nothing pure on this planet more to be prized than real friendship.

Friendship are tested in times of trouble, not in happiness.

***** Whatsapp Status On Friendship In English *****

Never let your friends to feel lonely,go and Disturb them all the time.

i kill you i hate you as i love you that’s the reason i have right on you.

***** Good Whatsapp Status On Friendship *****

You know every ship is brittle but friendship is permanent.

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