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Whatsapp Status For Friends

We are sharing some of the best Whatsapp Status For Friends in this article.100% Unique and you will gonna love them all.Most of them are just one line status for friends.Read them and select best for your whatsapp status.

***** Whatsapp Status For Friends  *****

Loyal Friend = 10 Thousand Relatives <3

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Some Donkeys escaped from Jail, some were arrested and few became my Friends.

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The Most dangerous line spoken by any friend that ruin entire life is…Dude She was Watching You !!

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life Turns into a Scary story ..When you find a Best friend.lol

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I am better than Bill Gates…He Has Money and i have Friends.

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Friendship is the name of feeling . It can make any relation the most Powerful.

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No one can explain friendship…it’s beyond explanation ..and its effects are beyond imagination .

Whatsapp Status For Friends

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***** Whatsapp Status on Best Friend ***** 

My friends always create problems for those only ,who were planning to do the same for me.

***** Whatsapp Best Friend Status ***** 

Walking with friends is  better than walking alone.

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Friends are enough expert in understanding that you are smiling or pretended to be smiling .

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Life turns to heaven when your life partner become your best friend.

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Happiness is when we share our friends toughest time.

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Friendship is like river which hold two sides parallel and never let them to turn alone.

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