Whatsapp Funny Status Collection | Funniest and Craziest Collection Ever

Whatsapp Funny Status

Wanna  make your friends and family laugh then Whatsapp Funny Status are the best way to do this.Normally whatsapp user check thier contact status 10 times a day.So this is the best chance for you to change your status into funny status.Here are some awesome quotes that are enough funny to do the fun job.Read them and find the best.Change you status and see the reactions.

***** Whatsapp Funny Status in English *****

You love me is true but i love you is a true joke.


Baby i give you all the happiness of life on your credit card.


You are my whole world and i can’t handle this world.


You are my honey and i am your moon let’s go for honeymoon.

***** Whatsapp Funny Statuses *****

I love crazy about pizza party but i am so lazy about the payments of pizza party.


I want to bloom in your room with so many honeymoon.


I am not a thief i don’t no when your heart and vault come in my pocket.


My wife my life and just hate this life with my wife.

***** Funny Status for Whatsapp *****

listen baby i am not sincere with you baby replied oh really me too.


Can I hug you oh no plz your armpit smell is so bad.


You are like cloud when you go i am facing a brighter day.


I don’t need a hair stylist i thing every morning my pillow do this job well.


I am not lazy i am just busy in relaxing myself.


I Just hate my girlfriend when she says ‘Hold my purse”.

***** Whatsapp Funny Status About Insurance *****

Insurance is just like marriage. You pay, pay and you never get anything back.


Everyone is born equal in life exactly, until they get married.


In my house I’m one and only boss, my wife is just the decision maker.


My friends buy best food and i eat all their food so i think i am their best friend.

**** Whatsapp Funny Status about cuteness  *****

I can not get the answer of this question,why i am so cute?


My husband is just like Math, can’t be contradicted.


I’m sorry, I’m not updating my Facebook status, my cat ate my mouse.


My Friendship for you is forever, until then i involve in a relationship.

***** Whatsapp Funny Status about Cheating *****

Really you cheat me !!!oh i am excited because i love cheating even in exams also.


Bloody bitch,liar,hyper patient all these tonight text are send by my drunk cell.


I am not a looser some time i got loose motion but it’s totally naturally occurring.


You think i miss you ?really not just kidding baby.


Yeah i stole your credit card just for giving  you valentine gift baby.

***** Whatsapp Funny Status About Girlfriend *****

life is too short makes girl friends fast.


i fall in love with you wait wait i think i am not sure.


She rejected me just because of my golden teeth’s killer smile.


Love you ,miss you ,feeling alone all are just ways of saying please let me go now.


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