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***** Funny Whatsapp Status *****

I may be smiling at front of you but in my mind, I have killed you 1000 times.
I trash paper when I hate a person and can’t tell him.

***** Whatsapp Status Funny *****

Karma is my best friend; it never forgets bad people.

*****Funny Status For Whatsapp *****

I hate double faced people it is hard to decide where to hit first.

*****Whatsapp Funny Statuses *****

People are mad that’s why they say why are you happy? When actually I’m sad.

***** Whatsapp Funny Status *****

Teachers are a kind of Devils who never let me to see full dream during my nap.

***** Status ForWhatsappp Funny *****

Millions of trees are used to make papers then why we should give exams?

***** Funny Status For Whatsapp in English *****

Mom says:” Follow your dreams” then I go back to bed.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status Message *****

Don’t like me! Fine, I am not born to impress you.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status Ideas *****

It’s the most terrible scene when you made high score and suddenly Wi-Fi connection is switched off.

***** Best Funny Whatsapp Statuses *****

During my whole childhood, I thought to walk on zebra crossing means to walk on the zebra.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status in English *****

I hate it most when I just start to eat something and my sibling snatches it and at once eats it.

***** Best Funny Whatsapp Status *****

The best way to impress old people is to admire that they have done too much work in their youth.

***** Funny Status For Whatsapp in One Line *****

Why we can’t draw something on the walls of the drawing room of our home?

***** Whatsapp Funny Status inEnglishh *****

During the day I don’t believe in Devils and divines but at night I’m more open minded.

***** Funny Statuses For Whatsapp *****

Old People on marriage ceremonies say to me: “You are next “and I on funeral say: ” You are next “.

***** Awesome Status For Whatsapp in English *****

I love karma.

***** Whatsapp Status Funny One Liner *****

I fight my whole childhood for TV remote control and car front seat.

***** Best Funny Status For Whatsapp *****

I never got an answer that why there are open nuts and bolts on side of a bed.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status Download *****

I think a lot that what I think when I think something.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status Emoji *****

Actually, I’m not funny but I speak funny things.

***** Whatsapp Status Funny Short *****

I hate it when I write a text of two pages and my friend replies to me, ok!

***** Status For Whatsapp Funny Attitude *****

Don’t like me! good just buy a map and go to hell.

***** New Funny Whatsapp Status *****

I hate the one who asks me that I’m done when they are watching my work and still asking.

***** Very Funny Whatsapp Status *****

Dear Karma I have a list of people you missed.

***** Whatsapp Status Funny Attitude *****

I and owl are awakening whole night, oh! How genius we are.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status On Friendship *****

A dear pimple,  from now I’m going to charge you to live on my face.

***** Funny Whatsapp Status For Friends *****

Why this weekend ends to fast.

***** very funny status for Whatsapp *****

There is a very strong relation between my mom and Girlfriend.

***** funny Whatsapp status updates *****

Why the only prince comes in girls dream & not  sweet barber

***** Funny Short Status For Whatsapp In English *****

For me, as a boy, not beauty matters only the reflection of million dollars are enough for me

*****  Funny Attitude Status For Whatsapp  *****

She is sweet simple and pretty all these words come to my mind after watching in mirror

*****  Whatsapp Status Funny Short InEnglishh  *****

Oh god she likes dog and me?

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