Top 40 Short Status For Whatsapp

Short Status For Whatsapp

I personally love to use short status for whatsapp to update my social media status.Here i am going to share with you my best 40 whatsapp status that i used and created personally.I am 100% sure that you will not even love my personal whatsapp status collection but you will also use them and share it with your friends circle.Without wasting your time lets rock on whatsapp friends community.

***** Short Status For Whatsapp *****

Isn’t It Pretty To Think So.

***** Short Status For Whatsapp About Love *****

I Know How To Retaliate In Aggressive Way.

***** Short Status For Whatsapp About Love In English *****

I Will Not Wait For The Karma,I Will Put You On Ground Myself.

***** Short Status For Whatsapp On Attitude *****

Sometimes I Feel I Am Doing Too Much That I Am Not Meant For That.

***** Short Status About Life *****

Once Sided Love Always Hurts,But I Know How To Enjoy It.

***** Short Status For Whatsapp About Friendship *****

Being Loved Is The Most Awesome Feeling <3

***** Short Status Messages *****

After Marriage  You Don’t Need To Be Perfect…Just Be Good.

***** Short Whatsapp Status On Life *****

I Am Not Going To Let Anyone To Dare/Disturb My Relation.

***** My Whatsapp Status *****

I Am Now Assuming All The Shit That Is Not Real.

***** Great Whatsapp Status *****

I Am Celebrating Myself Today,I Sing Myself And I Am Really Enjoying A Lot.

***** Status Messages For Whatsapp *****

I Don’t Want To Lose Hope,Please Stay With Me,You Are My Hope Honey.

***** Some Status For Whatsapp *****

Choosing Respect On Love,Is The Most Daring Challenge Of Emotions.

***** Top Status For Whatsapp *****

People Think They Play With My Emotions,Actually I Let Them To Do This.

***** Whatsapp Status Line *****

Don’t Teach Father How To Make Babies 😛

***** Different Status For Whatsapp *****

Live Like A Legend,Die Like A Hero.

***** Whatsapp Status Line *****

Being Poor Is The Biggest Fault Of Life.

***** Small Whatsapp Status *****

Hardships Just Come To Make You Diamond…Let Them To Polish Your Personality.

***** Status For Whatapp *****

I Am Not Self Pity Person,I Will Fight Back.

***** Whatapps Status *****

Don’t Risk Your Life,Its Life Not Video Game.

***** Status For Whatsapp *****

None Of Us See Tomorrow,Just Do It Right Now.

***** Whatsapp Status Quotes *****

Find Your Hidden Talent,Be Your Inspiration.

***** Whatsapp Status Messages *****

If You Want Happiness & Inner Peace,Stop Expecting From Others.

***** New Status For Whatsapp *****

Money Is The By Product Of Your Efforts,Don’t Run After It.Just Concentrate On Your Effort,Money Will Chase You Like Loving Dog.

***** New Whatsapp Status *****

Don’t Judge Me By My Status,You Will Confuse Yourself.

***** Whatsapp Quotes *****

I Am Not Yes Sir,No Sir Man,I Am A Leader.

***** Status Of Whatsapp *****

Every Human Has 9 Identical, If You Hurt Me I Will Search For The Rest 😛

***** Status In Whatsapp *****

If You Know How To Speak Impressively, Then You Don’t Need Money To Buy Anything.

***** Whatsapp Status Short Quotes *****

Don’t Let Anyone To Spoil Your Inner Peace. Just Kick Them Out From Your Life.

***** Whatsapp Status For Girls *****

If You Hear About Some Qualities Of You Which Actually Don’t Exist,Then Its Sure You Are Rich Dude .

***** Whatsapp Status New *****

When Nothing Is Going Right…Don’t Go Left,Just Sit And Watch The Fucking Way 😛

I hope you enjoy my personal whatsapp status collection,but i have some status left which i want to let you know that these coming status may looks funny but all they have realities and silent messages for you and your friends circle.i will also share the same status in Marathi and Hindi here in this article so just continue reading and enjoy.


There Are 25 More Letters In Alphabets If Plan A Fails…Bullshit Remains Bullshit Man 😛


I Used To Fart On People I Hate Most.I Wish Them The Most Smelly Fart They Can’t Handle.


Don’t Pressurize Me !!! I Will Fart,You Can’t Imagine Or Handle It.


Love Always Hurts If You Share All,Don’t Let Other To Control You,Be Yourself.


I Will Do That,I Can Do That,I Will Die For It…


Treat Me In Such Way That You Can Handle When I Give Back With Interest.


Money Is 90 % Of Happiness Now…Earn That %Age As Much As You Can.




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