New Status For Whatsapp | 2016 Special Quotes Collection

New Status For Whatsapp

Here we are sharing New Status For Whatsapp for our Indian readers.We really thankful to you for your feedback.We are trying our best to improve our quality .Here is new collection for you.Just read out and your status gonna rock. 🙂

***** All New Status For Whatsapp in English *****

We are good friends as we do all stupidness together.

Sometime life hurts a lot more than death.

***** New Status For Whatsapp 2016 in English *****

Sometime when heart broke into many pieces and you still smile is really so difficult.

How wrong choices sometimes take us on right ways???

Don’t hurt your parents,they are golden gifts of life.

***** New Status For Whatsapp in Urdu *****

itna Zoor say mat cheekho…..cockroach ko hear attack ho jai ga  😛


Don’t take my silence so easy it’s the prediction of a great change.

***** New  Funny Status For Whatsapp *****

I caught In some trouble I think its gas trouble 😛 .

laughter is the shortest distance between close friends

A real girlfriend don’t want chocolates ,flowers ,she only wants vodka.

I love my Stomach pain when my friend make me laugh so loudly.

Friends can never buy with money , but we can easily buy a better class of enemy.

I hate those who cheat their friends.

Life is too short so start wasting time with those who waste their own time.

***** New Status For Whatsapp about Girlfriend *****

If I go to hell then I take my all girl friends in hell.

You know with sunshine obviously night.

Why all senior citizens give advices ?they have experienced in …..

Many times good result happens when I shut up my mouth.

***** New Quotes for Whatsapp *****

Money’s not everything !!! okay ! then give me your credit cards.

When I am so angry I just become silent and then start abusing.

Have you some idea why girls are so crazy about me?

I am a sincere person because my mother is a pious lady.

Experiences enables us to recognize a mistake when we make it again.

I hate life and death because I am so upset.

A champion always needs a motivation above and beyond winning yup.

A winning smile is the killer smile of world.

I want to lost battles when it’s against with my beloved relations.

Some people when lost game says winning is not important,this is the heights of jealousy.

“Don’t confuse in life because it is the reason of giving your enemies laughing on you.

I just defeated on principle than to win on lies.

Life is strange only a hopeful person wins it.

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