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Life Status For Whatsapp

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***** Whatsapp Status about life’s Destiny *****

Destiny is not expected, But created. It’s a matter of choice, not a chance.


Cheating is the disease of Age.


Actually the truth is that you do not know what’s to be happening next. Life is a silly ride and nothing is assured.

***** Passionate Life Status For Whatsapp *****

You have no passion, You have no life.


I have experienced that life will love you, if you love life…


Sometimes life is too complicated to understand.


I need a happy life not perfect life.


A failure of a moment can become a mistake of lifetime.


The best fragment of your life will be the miniature, Unnamed moments you spend smiling with who matters to you.


No matter how tough we try, Life will never be perfect.


My dear sweetheart Life, If you have a pause button would be greatly appreciated!

***** Strong Life Status for Whatsaapp *****

You will be strong, you will be wrong, But Life goes on!


Silence is the most powerful wail!


Live like sparrows, they do not know what they do in next moment. Live your life moment to moment.


At the bad times, we learned Life’s best lessons.


I have experienced that if you love life, life will love you always!


Nothing painful more than realizing, He meant a lot to you but you mean nothing to him.


Struggle not to achieve to success. But to assure that your life has a meaning!

***** Crazy Life Status for Whatsapp *****

Life is beautiful but People Are Crazy.


Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.


If you don’t make mistake, you don’t learn any lesson in life.


The quality of your relationship makes the quality of your life.


Life is like a glass bunch, when you hold it tightly it will make you happy & when you released or dropped it, will destroy.


If you want to see life smiling, give it your best!


Life is so beautiful, when you actually live it for yourself.


Life is important with your family, friends & love.

***** Sad Life Status For Whatsapp In Hindi *****

उसने कहा था आंख भर कर देखा करो, अब आँख भर आती हैं पर वह नजर नहीं आती


आते आते उनकी आंख में पानी छोड़ आए – दिल तो साथ लाना पैर धड़कन छोड़ आए


आज लगता है सारा जाहा वेरा हम – जैसे चमन में फूल खिल न बंद हो गए

***** Life Status For Whatsapp In Hindi *****

जीवन की एक सच्चाई यह भी है कि हमेशा यातायात बराबर वाली लेन में तेजी से चलाता है।


समय बड़ा ाज़यब होता है , साथ चलो तो किस्मत बदल देता है, और न चलो तो … भाग्य ही बदल देता है।

आदत बना ली है … मेने खुद को चोट देने, ताकि जब कोई अपना दुख दे तो तकलीफ न हो

***** Life Status For Whatsapp in Tamil *****

Mikavum atirṣṭam māṟṟam Ajhyb nēram, periya, maṟṟum… Viti māṟum viṭamāṭṭēṉ.

Nāṉē kāyam ataṉāl tāṉ… Paḻakkattai vēṇṭum, appaṭi uṅkaḷ tukkattai kūṭa oru piracciṉai irukka kūṭātu

***** Life Status For Whatsapp in Urdu *****

Ye Loog Kaisay Dushmini Nibhatay hain…Hmain to Raas nahi i Muhabbat Karni


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