Indian Independence Day Status For Whatsapp|15 August Special

Status For Whatsapp

We are Proud to say that we are going to share Indian Independence Day Status For Whatsapp for our Country Fellows.Celebrate this Independence day by updating your status with our awesome collection of quotes.Be Patriotic and Look Patriotic.Long Live India

***** Independence Day celebration  Status For Whatsapp *****

It’s a day to celebrate and to cheer, we all are united.


O Lord ! Make Us Happy and Protect Forever our land!


Dear friends Wishing you a sparkling day of Independence.


Come on and celebrate a peaceful life in our land by Remembering all freedom fighters.


We were able to breathe the fresh free Air since our birth.Thanks HomeLand.


Independence day is best time to think about who we are and how we got here. God bless our country!

***** Best Indian Independence Day Status For Whatsapp *****

Kept in mind By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.


Today we celebrate bravery of our heroes and their gift of freedom.


Guys happy independence day ,Long may our flag wave!


Dear God i wish the glory of Independence Day Be with us forever.

***** Best Patriotic  Status For Whatsapp *****

I am feeling very pride like a true patriot.


May this great day of Independence Fills your life with happiness and prosperity.


Feeling very proud of being the part of such a glorious nation.


Thousands laid down their lives that’s why Our country can celebrate this day so never forget their sacrifices..


This is a fact no Nation Is Perfect,It Needs To Be Made Perfect .


Let’s pray May our country progress in everywhere and in everything.


Let’s salute all the martyrs for their sacrifices they made,Thank’s a lot for giving us our today.


I love only one day and that is Independence Day.


Wishing the warmest wishes on this Independence Day to all nation.


Our life is full of colors.I hope this day of freedom add more colors to our life.

***** Independence Day Spirit Status For Whatsapp *****

Stay keep the spirit of patriotism glowing in our soul and actions.


Thanks to all who sacrifice their present for our future.


Today we have blessed by a great day our day of independence.


freedom is a precious gift placed in our hands by our forefathers.


Take care of freedom ,it is a responsibility and a weight to be carried and shared by those willing to protect it.


Dearest God all what i need for my country is just its prosperity and protection.


I am very blessed as i am the part of a strongest nation.


Some things just can’t be expressed as my love for my country.


This day i promise i make myself a good honest patriot.


I want to married a man who just knows to fight for homeland.


My first love and priority is my nation.happy independence day.


My lord give me the power of doing some good for my country.


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