Top 65 Happy Holi Status For Whatsapp | Holi 2017 Special Collection

Holi Status For Whatsapp

Holi is the one of most popular festivals of India.It is the festival of color.We are sharing 2017 Best Holi status for whatsapp and greetings to wish your friends and family.This event is full of joy and happiness in all over the India so playing with colors along with awesome collection of quotes and wishes makes your smile and laughter more deeper.Happy Holi

***** Holi Status For Whatsapp *****

Welcome dude it’s Holi today.

Holi depicts the colors of life.

It’s not Holi only but your culture.

My talent lies in the expression of my life and creative power through light, color and form. As a painter I can convey the essence of life which I do in Holi.

Talent, expression, life, creative, power, light, color and emotions these all mix and Holi is celebrated.

Holi is not just an event but a whole celebration.

I made loud laughter to describe my happiness.

Friends are the major part of Holi.

***** Holi Special Status For Whatsapp *****

Celebrate Holi and realize the Importance of colors.

Forget the worries of the life just chill and celebrate Holi.

Today is an awesome day so being awesome.

On this special occasion of Holi, I have decided to laugh a lot.

It’s Holi today so let’s chill.

Holi’s night is a blessing of God.

God shower his blessings upon us on this special occasion of Holi.

I used to put some colors in my pocket and when my friends say something I love to put them on their face.

Let us all enjoy the celebrations.

***** Holi Greetings *****

Colors are the source of life I realized after celebrating Holi.

Let your soul fly in the sky and throw colors on yourself to remove darkness of life.

It’s not the event we celebrate but the emotions we depict.

Celebrate this event in the real sense of happiness.

Not a single day but celebrate all the days like it is Holi.

Holi is not just an event but actually my crush.

I used to celebrate Holi with my grandparents because I also want their opinions.

My father gave gifts on Holi which actually increase its flavor.

***** Holi Wishes Messages *****

For the whole year I waited for this colorful event.

Raise your hand take a deep breath and laugh high.

Music, colors, emotions and much more this is all about Holi.

Scent, fragrance, smell and aroma that’s all I smell in Holi.

Holi is the beauty of Indian culture.

Our culture is so rich it has flavor, taste and enthusiasm.

Dress up in white clothes and cover up your dress with different colors of Holi.

Holi is my passion.

***** Holi Greetings Messages In English *****

Forget the past give hug to your friends it’s a wonderful day.

Don’t be rude, just chill.

I switched off the past, left the worry of future because it’s Holi today.

I love to throw colors on others and actually I feel awesome in doing this.

Let us all go beyond the limits and boundaries of color, caste and creed and celebrate this event.

Events are a kind of blessing which we are granted with.

God has blessed us a lot with such colorful and meaningful events.

Passionate, determined, strengthened and too much happy to celebrate this colorful event.

***** Holi Greetings Messages *****

Me and moon are celebrating the flavor of colors.

I could smell the flavor of happiness in air.

Holi is not Holi but the event that unite you all.

***** Holi Messages English *****

Hugs, wishes, celebrations that what I waited for.

I want a gift today. Your now what? I want happiness.

Come on you all Let us celebrate each moment.

***** Holi Wishes Messages In English *****

Celebrate each moment like it is the last one.

With dress with signs and spots of colors give me happiness.

Happiness is hidden in our true culture.

Our culture is disciplined, contains flavor of happiness and beauty of emotions.

***** Holi Greetings In English *****

Yes, I’m happy today.

No comments today just want to depict emotions in form of colors.

Make solution of colors with emotions and enthusiasm.

On my mind there is a crown of enthusiasm heart filled with happiness and courage floating in blood.

Throw colors on each other spread happiness and enjoy every moment it’s Holi today.

Events, celebrations and important says come to grant us more happiness in our lives.

My life is beautiful like the colors of Holi.

I have crossed boundaries of racism to celebrate Holi.

It’s Holi dude, try something new.

***** Happy Holi Status For Whatsapp In Hindi *****

हां, आज मैं खुश हूं।

आज कोई टिप्पणी नहीं सिर्फ रंगों के रूप में भावनाओं को चित्रित करना है।

भावनाओं और उत्साह के साथ रंग का समाधान करें।

***** Holi Status For Whatsapp In Hindi *****

 मेरे मन में उत्साह के दिल का एक मुकुट है जो रक्त में तैरता आनंद और साहस से भरा है।

एक-दूसरे के प्रसार की खुशी पर रंग फेंकें और हर पल का आनंद लो, आज होली है।

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