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Whatsapp Jokes

 Whatsapp Jokes 

Mom: Go follow your dreams

Me: I’m going back to sleep ?

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Old people on weddings to me: You are next kid

Me on funerals: You are next oldies ?

Whatsapp Jokes Non Veg 

My bed is too much in love with me that I leave it but bed doesn’t leave me ?

 Whatsapp Jokes In English 

People to me: You are so humble; you don’t scream or cry

Me: If have started and won World War ||| in my mind but you can’t see?

Whatsapp Jokes English 

Me and my sleep were fighting suddenly Wi-Fi came and my cell phone won the battle ☹

Whatsapp Jokes

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Teacher: Why are you sleeping during my lecture?

Me: Actually I was visualizing with closed eyes

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I want to slap people and when they would ask why? I would say I’m on mediation and this is due to side effects ?

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If you don’t like me then simply buy a map and go to hell. You would be fine there

 Whatsapp Jokes Latest 

Mom: What about your grades? Today was your result.

Me: Grades don’t decide a person’s future

Mom: With a sandal in hand what?

Me: I was joking?

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Mom: Get up for school

Me: I’m ill, I can’t?

Mom: Ok let us go to visit doctor

Me: Mom where are my socks? ?

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Actresses on Tv: We are going to celebrate our 18th Birthday

Me: She is my age fellow. OMG ?

Whatsapp Joke India 

Sibling: You are looking at me.

Sibling: You are speaking my words

Sibling: You are breathing my Air

Me: I will give you a slap on your mouth

Sibling: Mom come here fast

Me: Mom let me help you in kitchen?


Me on store checking my look in CCTV photo ?


Yes, I know I’m beautiful that’s what the mirror let me every morning?


Mom: Come down

           Come down

           Come down

Ok I’m coming upstairs

(Mom entered my room)

Me: With books Yes Mom I was studying ?

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