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Cute Love Status For Whatsapp

Everyone fell in love,if you are in love with someone then these 30 cute love status for whatsapp are for you only.These Status are just like cream on milk 🙂 i mean i am sure you read many quotes and status about love before but what this collection have is something mindblowing and marvellous.So read all status carefully with love and then choose the best status for your relation.Wait!!! Don’t forget to share your experience with us.We love to hear your feedback.

You are like my heartbeat that always sounds love,love and love

Till death you are a part of my life believe me I am your’s

*****Cute Love Status For Whatsapp for Him*****

Love is a serious heart disease and now I am the victim of this disease

In love just say the feelings of heart no place for but,if,may be only love

*****Beautiful Love Status*****

Oh God why my eyes are so pretty,everyone fall in love due to this fact

Stop being a silence lover ,because I madly and loudly love you

When you hold my hands ,my face blush its reflection of your love

😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 Naughty Love Status for Whatsapp 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

You are a killer because your  smile kill my heart

Hey I want to fall many  times but only in your love

A thief come in my life slowly slowly and steal my heart I don’t know when?

I want a beautiful Place right now in your heart, otherwise I will kill you

I can face all hardships in life  with smiling but I can’t see you in pain

Hello dear I fall in love with a stupid guy  and he is in front of me

In love two souls join together and make a perfect soul .

Where there is you,there is life without you I am just a mummy.

When I see you first time I really believe that God is really creative.

I am crazy about you because it’s my right

 I can never forget you  were always stand with me when no one else was.

A silent hug say all the emotions that can not be express by words

Oh really I am selfish yeah I am because I can’t share you with anyone

There are many definitions of love but for me the exact definition of love is you

I love the way when you fight for me this feels me so special

 My world start and ends on you  because my eyes can’t see anything without you

*****Cute Love Status for Her*****

My heart is perfect and unique  because, you are  living in

Religious, Caste, Rich, status all are not matters when you fall in love

It’s my believe someday somewhere or somehow me & you will be together

To love someone is a special feeling that is felt deep in the heart and I feel it for you.

I think I am ill because my heart lives inside me but beats only for you.

Our lovestory have no ends ,no boundaries ,no borders it’s have no limits


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