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We all know that whatsapp is the most reliable source to communicate with friends and family know days.Now whatsapp has calling facilities and video calling is also activated and will be available in our region soon.

Now you just read the best quote of your choice and record it in your own voice and send it to your desired destination♥.

Keep Smiling And Enjoy The Best Whatsapp Status Completion |Updated|

  • Being Worried Is Not An Option For Me. I Will Fight To Achieve My Goals.
  • Being Strong Is Not So Easy, You Have To Sacrifice You Emotions, Feelings.
  • How Are You? ”I Am Alive” Is The Best Answer For Haters.
  • Tears Are The Pearls Of Emotions; Don’t Waste Them On Cheap People.
***** Status For Whatsapp *****
  • Three Teachers Of Life, Broken Heart, Empty Pocket, Empty Stomach.
  • Smile Cost None, Use It To Make Relations.
  • Biggest Mistake When You Share Your Identity Instead Of Intentions
  • Don’t Let Anyone To Rule You. Be A King Of Your Own.
***** Whatsapp Status Quotes *****
  • Dream Is A Blessing And Open Door To Success, But When You Are Awake.
  • Be Smart But Never Try To Look Smart Or Don’t Think You Are Smart.
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words, Hit Your Boss On Face And Walk Away, No Need To Resign.
  • Inner Peace Is A Thing You Can’t Buy With Money, For Everything Else I Have Mastercard.
***** Whatsapp Status Messages *****
  • Never Live With Lazy People, Poor Dreamer, And Self Pity People; They Will Make You Coward Soon.
  • After Listening Your Bullshit I Want To Give You High Five, On Your Face With Full Power Of Love And Care.
  • I Am The Best Because I Know How To Entertain Myself Even In Most Worst And Awkward Situations.
  • Don’t Hesitate To Try, Surely You Will Earn Or Learn.
***** New Status For Whatsapp *****
  • Every Cheater Is Loyal To Someone, Try To Be That Someone.
  • Imperfection Is My Charm, Accept Me Or Leave, No One Is Allowed To Ignore Me.
  • Being Ignored By Someone Is The Worst Feeling In Love.
  • The Peace That Is Within Me, No One Can Spoil It.
***** New Whatsapp Status *****
  • Every Ease Came After Trouble, Try To Find That Ease When You Are In Trouble.
  • Problems Are The Best Teachers Of Life, When You Find Any One, Learn Something.
  • Peace In Relations Can Only Be Achieved By Mutual Understanding.
  • You Will Miss Me…I Am Wonderfully Awesome.

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  • Ego Is The Cancer Of Love.
  • Experience Is The Best Teacher, You Will Learn It From Mistakes, So Don’t Stop Trying.
  • When You Are Happy You Just Enjoy The Music Of Song, But When You Are Sad, You Just Understand The Lyrics.
  • If You Like A Girl, Never Start To Listen Romantic Song, You Will Fell In Love With That Girl And It Will Hurt You After Sometime.
***** Whatsapp Quotes ***** 
  • Your Voice Is So Loud, Tell Me You Are Shouting Or Barking?
  • Try To Be Human Rather Then Homosapien .It Matters A Lot .
  • Don’t Think I Am An Ass Hole. I Am Just Your Elder Brother Dude.
  • Who Am I?
***** Status Of Whatsapp *****
  • I Am An Awesome Piece Of Shit For People Like You, I Just Want To Give A Classy High Five On Your Beautiful Face.
  • Never Ever Quit Learning, Whatever It Cost To You, One Day You Will Get The Reward.
  • Be Dreamy, Be Greedy, Be Confident, Be Patient, Some Awesome Rules To Be SUCCESFULL.
  • Don’t Disturb Me… I Am Finding The Answer, Who Am I?
***** Short Status For Whatsapp *****
  • Work Hard And Be Smarter Than The Staff You Hired For Your Company.
  • All Humans Have The Same 24 Hrs…Choice Is Yours…Sleep Tight Or Work Hard.
  • Everyone Is Beautifully Created By God, Don’t Ever Treat Anyone Badly.
  • Friendship Is The Key Of Most Romantic And Peaceful Relation Between Husband And Wife.
***** Status In Whatsapp *****
  • Keep Smiling; I Believe That Smile Is Best Revenge.
  • There Is Only One Human In The World Who Wants You To Be More Successful Than Him, Your Dad, Always Love Him.

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  • Don’t Some Pennies On Making A Phone Call To A Person Who Cannot Give You Profit Of Some Bucks
  • Time Is Like A Wheel, Always Rotate; No One Knows How Long You Are On Ground Or Above That.
***** Whatsapp Status Short Quotes *****
  • Perfection Is The Healthy Child Of Strong Relation Between Time And Experience.
  • Most Relations Are All About Money, So Keep Your Master Card In Your Wallet All The Time 😛 .
  • Gentle People Know How To Differentiate Between Fashion And Style.
  • Desire For Dreams!!!
***** Whatsapp Status New *****
  • Now I Am Taking Good Care Of Myself, Because I Am Know On The Way To Achieve My Goals And Dreams Too…
  • One Day You Will Miss Me So Badly And You Will Find No Corner Of Peace In Whole World, That Day You Will Miss My Hugs.
  • When You Respect More Then You Love Someone, It Means You Are Simple A Great Man With Great Attitude. Never Let This Thing Down.
  • I Am Ok And I Am Going To Make It.
***** Whatsapp Status For Girls *****
  • Dreams Are Beautiful Because I Am Always OK There.
  • Pretending To Be Ok Is The Best Art Of Life.
  • I Am Ok With Crazy Attitude.
  • Everyone Is Asking To Me That I Am Ok???Is This An Easy Question To Answer???
***** Sweet Status For Whatsapp *****
  • I Have Said I Am Fine, A Hundred Fucking Times; I Wish You Would Look At Me And Say…Don’t Lie.
  • Hello World, It’s Me And I Am OK.
  • I Am Ok Of A Freaky Kind.
  • I Deserve Better You Know That.

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  • Just Deserve, Don’t Ask.
  • You Hurt Me More Than What I Deserve Because I Loved You More Than You Deserve.
  • No+$=Yes
  • I Have Realized That A Friend Like You Is Worth Million Dollars, So If You Don’t Mind!!! Can I Sell You? 😛
***** Status Messages For Whatsapp *****
  • Ability To Change Always Represents The Level Of Intelligence.
  • We Know Too Much But We Do Too Little.
  • Time Costs More Than Anything You Imagined. No Returns And No Refunds Of Time.
  • Don’t Quit Trying, People Believe Tomorrow Is Your Second Chance, I Believe You Next Breath Is Your Next Chance To Win.
  • Actual Wealth Is The Art To Maintain Good Health And Time Management.
  • Being Silent Is Better Than Being Liar.

Best Whatsapp Status

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  • Work Smart Than Working Hard.
  • I Am Too Good And Hardworking At What I Am, Because I Know There Is Always Someone Willing To Get That Position.
  • When There Is No Hope, Fear Is Not An Option Too.
  • I Am Born To Express , Not To Impress.
***** Great Whatsapp Status *****
  • I Like To Die With You , As Late As I Can .
  • It’s All About Fear And Hope.
  • I Will  Do Something Awesome Before Checking Out Of Life.
  • Fear Of Unknown Is The Strongest Kind Of Fear.
***** Top Whatsapp Status *****
  • The Enemy Is Fear, We Think Its Hate But It Is Fear Of Losing.
  • Living A Life Deeply Means You Have No Fear.
  • If Silence Is Comfortable Between Two People In A Relation Then It Means You Are In Friendship.
  • A Friend Is A Person Who Can Listen To Your Bullshit For Hours And Never Fed Up.
***** Some Status For Whatsapp *****

whatsapp status

  • Lack Of Friendship Is The Cause Of Broken Relations.
  • If You Have No Friend Then You Are The Poorest Person On Earth.
  • Friendship Is The Cement Of Relations.
  • No Thanks, No Sorry, You Are My Friend Dear.
  • When You Stop Expecting Something From Others…Soon You Start Liking Them.

Love Whatsapp Status

Love is the most beautiful relation. You feel flying in sky when you are loved. I know the time when I fell in love and I was wondering to search the best love status to use on social media specially “orkut” that time. I mostly found nothing at that time. But now it’s on your figure tips. Here you fell in love and there you get the best appropriate status that expresses your feeling and thoughts to your loved one. Here I am sharing the most updated love status which actually I like and used mostly. Read the below collection and stay tuned because this we will regularly update this section .Stay blessed and stay loved.Whatsapp Status

Use This Picture as Dp-1

***** Whatsapp Status Love *****
  • Without Money Life Can Be Survived, But Without Love It Never Ever Survived.
  • My Sweetheart!!! All The Sweetness Of My Life Are Just Because Of You.
  • By Chance You Come In My Life And There Is No Chance To Let You Go.
  • Here And There I Want A Love Pair With You.
***** Whatsapp Status For Love *****
  • I Want To Live And Die With Only One Soul And That Is You.
  • Don’t Go Anywhere I Just Want To See Your Face In Front Of My Eyes.
  • God Bless To True Love To Only Those Who Knows Its Value.
  • Baby I Know You Love me!!! Then Why You Ignore Me.
***** Best Love Status For Whatsapp *****
  • The Real Love Only Hurts If It’s Not Real That It Never Hurts.
  • The Best Thing Of World We Can Never See And Even Touched Also It Only Felts By Heart.
  • Unconditional Love Never Means To Accept The Bad Behaviors Of Others.
  • Just Because Of A Bad Experience You Have No Right To Hate Love.
***** Best Whatsapp Love Status *****
  • Never Confuse When You Fall In Love Just Confess It.
  • I Forgive Your All Big Mistakes Just Because My Love Is Extra Large Than Your Mistakes.
  • Just Chill And Cheer Up By Holding My Hands In Yours.
  • Believe Me I Can Even Give My Life Only For Your Smile.

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  • The Man Who Disrespect A Woman Can Not Deserve The Love Of Any Woman.
  • Love Is The One And Only Voice Under A Silence.
  • Love Is Just Like A Hope Where No Opposite Fear Exists.
  • My Love Is Just About Finding One’s Real Soul.
***** Whatsapp Status On Love *****
  • My Dear With You I Can Realize The Meaning Of Love.
  • When One Day My Life Pages Will End, You Looks The Most Beloved Page Of My Life.
  • The Beauty Lives In Your Heart Not When You Stand In Front Of Mirror.
  • A Man Reserve His Pure Love For Those Woman Company Where He Feel Tenderly Drowsy.
***** Status Whatsapp Love *****
  • The Love Relation Only Strong When You Learn To Trust Even With All Doubts.
  • I Want A Man Who Love Me In Such A Way That I Feel Like A Free Bird.
  • Your Hand Is My Best Pillow Whenever My Mind Searching For Peace I Come Here.
  • You Are My Dearest The Reason Of My Life.
***** Love Status Whatsapp *****
  • Don’t Think Baby Just Fall In Love With Me.
  • A Real Man Not Love The Pretty Woman He Loves The Woman Who Makes His Life More Pretty.

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  • Just With The Weapons Of Love, We Wins The Hearts Of World.
  • I Need Strong Hug Instead Of Strong Coffee.
***** Whatsapp Love Short Status *****
  • Is It Strange To Fall In Love Daily? With Same Person!!!
  • If I Say I Am Fine…It Means Literally You Are With Me.
  • If You Are Loved By Someone, Feel Lucky But Never Try To Think You Are Smarter.
  • Let’s Make A Deal, Love Me For A Second; I Will Kiss You For A Minute With A Tight Lovely Hug.
***** Status On Love For Whatsapp *****
  • When I Saw Her Sad, I Just Kissed Her On Forehead, She Loved That Moment Because Mostly She Pretended To Be Sad.
  • My Love Is Beyond Your Level Of Imagination.
  • I Know How To Love Intensely, Wait!!! I Know How To Behave Strange Too.
  • Strong Feelings Show Strong Love, And Surely You Are Somewhere In That Persons Mind Too No Matter How Far You Are Then.
***** Whatsapp Love Quotes *****
  • Girl You Are Mine, When I See You I Feel Fine ♥♥♥♥.
  • Don’t Kiss Behind Wall, Love Is Blind Dude But Not Neighbors.
  • One + One = Love .
  • My Relation Status Is “Committed”.
  • My Loyalty Is According To Your Level Of Commitment To Me.

Whatsapp DP Collection About Love

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status

Breakup StatusWhatsapp Status

We all know love is a superb heart touching feeling but it’s also a fact that when we lost our love it hurts a lot. In every relation ups and down comes but the most painful side of a relationship comes when it ends on breakup. So here we show some heart wrenching breakup status for whatsaaap .We hope these status express your feelings in a good way.

***** Break Up Status With Attitude *****
  1. I Have Patience And I Can Bear This Pain.
  2. Breakup Is Just A Word For You But For Me It’s Like Death Of My Heart.
  3. You Break My Heart Very Well And I Must Want To Say That You Have No Heart.
  4. Actually The Fact Is Fact “Wherever Love Is Present There Is No Breakup Occur”.
***** Breakup Attitude Status For Whatsapp *****
  1. I Lost My Heart In This Priceless Relation Of Love.
  2. Sometime I Think That I Am A Stupid Because I Choose You.
  3. Tears Comes In My Eyes I Don’t No Whenever I See You.
  4. Today We Really Don’t Know The Actual Meaning Of Love.
  5. Listen I Forgive You Just For The Reason Of That Time I Spend With You.
***** Break Up Status In English *****
  1. A Real Man Never Hurts Any One And Now I Have Doubt “You Are Not A Man.
  2. It’s Quite Funny When I Hug You I Feel I Am Hugging A Bug.
  3. Breakup Is Now Become A Trend But This Kill Very Sweetly.
  4. I Always Want The Answer Of This Why I Do Not Hate You.
  5. Life Cannot Be End On Breakup But Yeah Changes Take Place.
  6. Breakup Change My Life Now I Have No Heart Beat.

Sad Whatsapp Status

  • Don’t Worry About My Feelings!!!No One Else Does.
  • Well Technically I Am Single, But My Heart Is Taken By Someone, I Can’t Have.
  • You Know It Hurts, But It’s Ok, I Am Used To It.
  • The Only Feelings That Feels You Alive Is “Pain”.
***** Sad Status Quotes *****
  • I Have No Option Except Let Her Go, It Is The Worst Feeling I Have Right Now.

Whatsapp Status

  • Being Sad Means That You Are Now The Victim Of Poison, Which Kills You Slowly.
  • You Ignored !!! Me Sad, Its Ok I Will Handle Myself.
  • Tell Me Who Hurts More? Untold Love Or Rejected Love.
***** Status On Sad Mood *****
  • Slow And Steady… I Am Giving Up.
  • Worst Feeling When You Missed A Person Who Insulted And Played With Our Feeling More Than Any Other.
  • Leave Me And Find The Perfect, I Am Ok With My Level Of Low Perfection.
  • Why Your Memories Sneak Out Of My Eyes And Roll Down To My Cheeks?
***** Sad Status About Life *****
  • I Stop Being Calm, I Am Getting Freaky.
  • It’s Better To Be Alone Now.
  • Subha Say Sham Hui,Rootha Hua Betha Hu Main…Koi Aisa Nhee Jo Aa Kr Mana Ly Mujh Ko .
  • Sometimes It Is Hard To Forget Someone Special Who Gives You So Much To Remember.
***** Sad Mood Status For Whatsapp *****
  • I Miss Our Conversations.
  • I Miss Our Whispers In Conversations.
  • You Are No More Important To Someone Is The Worst Feeling.
  • You Hurt Me Too Much, Are You Happy Now?
***** Bad Mood Status *****
  • I Let Her To Make Me Happier Or Sad, Now I Am Broken, She Played A Lot.
  • Cut Me “My Wrist Is Screaming”.
  • How Dare You To Ignore Me?
  • Who Allows You To Play With My Emotions And Feelings?
***** Status For Upset Mood *****
  • Happy Now, Your Ego Won Again.
  • You Did This To Me, It’s Ok….But Why??? It’s Painful.
  • I Will Cry Last Time With Your Name …Bitch
  • Mujhe Tum Nazar Se Gira Tu Rahe Ho….Mujhe Tum Kabhi Bhi Bhula Na Sako Ge…..


  • When I Am Happy Inside, Your Advice Sounds Me Like Funny Fart.
  • I Will Change Tomorrow, Let Me Sleep Today, I Have Some Awesome Dreams To Plan.
  • No One Has A Wonderful Memory To Be A Successful Liar.
  • Don’t Take Life Seriously; Trust Me You Are Not Going To Get Out Alive.Whatsapp Status
***** Funny Status For Whatsapp *****
  • Women’s Mind Is Cleaner Then Man’s Dude, She Changes It More Often.
  • Next Time Will Send Damn Idiot, Will Go Myself.
  • You Have Masters, I Have Staff…It Is The Quote About Dog And Cat Actually.
  • Carefully Editing The Trust Is The Best Lie People Think.
***** Whatsapp Status Funny *****
  • Try Again and Again, Until You Succeed Is Not Appropriate For Skydiving, If You Fail Once.
  • Stealing From Many Authors Is Now Called RESEARCH.
  • Be The Reason Of Happiness Wherever You Go, Not Whenever You Go.
  • I Hope My Retirement At 65 Will Be Ridiculous. When I Will Be 65 I Will Still Have Pimples.
***** Status For Whatsapp Funny *****
  • Working Hard Can’t Kill You,But Why To Take A Risk?
  • Keep Your Dream Alive, But Slow Down Your Snoring Volume

Funny Fart Status

  • Success Is Like A Fart, Only Your Own Smells Nice!!! LOL
  • I  To Fart
***** Funny Statuses For Whatsapp *****
  • No One In The Room Listens Until Your Fart, Probably The Smelly One.
  • Nothing Is Scarier Then Attempting The First Fart After Having Diarrhea.
  • Happiness And Fart Have One Thing In Common, That Is Both Come From Inside 😛
  • Me!!! Mature??Hah…I Still Laugh When Ketchup Bottle “Farts”!
***** Best Funny Whatsapp Status *****
  • In Relation What Is The Most Difficult Thing? First Kiss Or First Fart?
  • Never Hold, Tears And Fart.
  • If Your Friends Are Talking Behind Your Back, Just Fart ASAP.
  • Fart As Loud As Your Butts Allows You.
  • Fart By Mistake….You Rock Man.

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Hindi Whatsapp Status

  • रो मत यह खत्म हो चुका है क्योंकि, मुस्कान, क्योंकि यह हुआ
  • समय की आदत बहुत अच्छी लगी  जैसा भी हो गुज़र ही जाता है किसी के साथ भी
    एक के बाद भी
  • आंखों के रास्ते मरे दिल में मकीं रहे  हम चाहते हैं प्रेम की दुनिया हसीं रहे ..
  • दिल मेरा एक मासूम पक्षी था  जिसे आप अपने हुस्न के बागैचे में
    प्यार के दाने डाल
  • अपनी ज़ुल्फ़ों के जाल में फंसा कर  इश्क के पिंजरे में कैद कर डाला
♥ Best Hindi Status Ever ♥
  • मर जाहीं होगा मगरहम तेरा साथ न छोड़ेंगे  इक बार तो कर भरोसा इक बार निभा देख..
  • वह मुझे सपने में हर दिन बुला सकते हैं  रनजशें और समय से बढ़ा सकते हैं
  • वे जो बछड़ा तो परेशान विचारों रहे ोश्मह इस दर्द की हालत बता सकते हैं ..
  • सोच के धारा एक ही दिशा से बह निकले तो  अपनी तरह कई मार्गों में बदल आए हम ..
  • तो बदलता है तो सहज मेरी आँखें  मेरे हाथों की लकीरों से उलझ जाती हैं
  • इतने अच्छे मौसम में रूठ नहीं अच्छा  हार-जीत की बातें, कल पे हम उठा रखें
    आज दोस्ती कर लें!
  • बेहतर दिनों की आस लगाते हुए क़तील  हम अच्छा दिन भी गंवाते चले गए
  • मेरे जैसे बन जाओ होगा जब इश्क तुम्हें हो जाय जाएगा
My Whatsapp Status in Hindi
  • ऐ दिल नादां इच्छा क्या है जुस्तजू क्या है
  • जीवन में तो सभी प्यार किया करते हैं  मैं तो मर कर भी मेरी जान तुझे चाहूंगा
  • तुम मुझे यूं भुला न पाओगे जब कभी भी  सुनोगे गीत मेरे संग संग तुम भी गनगनाउ करेंगे ..
  • वह अब लाखों दिलों से खेलता है  मुझे पहचान ले, इतना बहुत है..
  • किसका चेहरा अब मैं देखूं तेरा चेहरा देखकर
  • तेरे मेरे बीच में कैसा है ये बंधन अनजाना ..
  • ओ साथी रे तेरे बिना भी क्या जीना.
  • वे दिन अंतिम हो मेरे जीवन का ..

Telugu Whatsapp Status

(Mix Status)
***** Best Love Whatsapp Status In Telugu *****

నేను నిశ్శబ్ద చేయాలని ప్రేమిస్తారన్నాడు
నేను కూడా ఇప్పుడు నా గుండె వ్యక్తం మీదే కావలసిన ..

***** Love Whatsapp Status In Telugu *****

నేను మీ ఉనికిని లోపల దుమ్ము.
అతను ఎంచుకున్నారు లేఖ పదం ఉంటుంది!

***** Love Failure Status For Whatsapp In Telugu *****

నేను ఒక రోజు, నా ఎంపిక పడ్డారు నమ్మకం.
బ్లూస్ సోల్ తాజా గులాబీలు చేస్తుంది!

***** Best Whatsapp Love Status In Telugu *****

మార్కెట్ ద్వేషం నివసించడానికి వేరే రుచిని కలిగి ఉంటుంది.
ప్రజలు కేకలు వదిలి మరియు నవ్వుతూ వదిలి.

*****Whatsapp Status Love Sad In Telugu *****

మేము చాలా బాగా సమయంలో ఉపయోగిస్తారు.
మాత్రమే ఎవరైనా చేరాయి.
ఒక తర్వాత..

***** True Love Whatsapp Status In Telugu *****

వారు ఒక కలలో ప్రతి రోజు నాకు కాల్ చేయవచ్చు.
ప్రేరణ, వయసు పెంచుతుంది.

***** Whatsapp Telugu Love Status *****

ప్రవాహం ఒకే దిశలో మెయిన్ స్ట్రీం ఆలోచన.
మార్గం మేము అనేక విధాలుగా మార్చబడ్డాయి.

***** Whatsapp Status In Telugu For Love *****

నా కళ్ళు చేసిన మార్పులు ఉంటే.
నా చేతులు పంక్తులు లో చిక్కుకొని ఉంటాయి.

***** Whatsapp Status In Telugu Love Failure *****

మంచి వాతావరణం, మంచి ఇతరులనుండి దూరంగా ఉండు లో.
విన్ విషయాలు కోల్పోతారు, మేము మొత్తం వరకు వెళ్ళండి.
నేను కూడా పొందండి!

***** Whatsapp Status In Tlugu Love *****

తదుపరి వారు మంచి రోజులు ఆశిస్తున్నాము.
మేము ఉత్తమ రోజు వృధా వెళ్ళింది.

***** Whatsapp Status Love Quotes In Telugu *****

మీరు మనస్తాపం, అప్పుడు ఎలా కోపంతో మేము దూరాలు నశించు
మేము ఎదురు చూస్తున్నాము మీకు తెలిసిన, రెండు పరిమితులను కలిగి

నేను అన్ని జీవితం అంటే ప్రేమ.
మీరు నాకు చనిపోయిన కావాలనుకుంటే.

***** Whatsapp Status In Telugu Language For ove *****
  • అతను ఇప్పటికీ లక్షల హృదయాలను పోషిస్తుంది
    నన్ను గుర్తించాలని, సరిపోతుంది.
  • కొన్నిసార్లు వృక్షాలు “పతనం” కాదు
    మన స్వంత, కానీ ఈ పతనం న
    కానీ మేము ఎవరికీ తెలియదు ….
***** Love Status In Telugu For Wife *****
  • ప్రమాదం ప్రేమ గుండె నేను రోజు నా జీవితంలో అతను చివరి రోజు అనుగ్రహించు.
***** Love Status In Telugu For Girlfriend *****
  • మీ ముఖం చూడండి ఎలా, నేను అతని ముఖం చూడండి.
***** Whatsapp Status In Telugu Love One Line *****
  • నాలుగు రోజుల మరియు ప్రేమ, కాలం వేరు సుదీర్ఘ వేరు గెలుచుకుంది.
  •  నాకు మీ మధ్య ఈ వింత సంబంధం ఏమిటి ..
  • నా గుండె యొక్క కోరిక తపన అర్హత లేదు ఉంది.
  • భాగంగా అవసరమైన లవ్ అవసరం ఏర్పడింది.
  • రే మీ జీవితం ఓహ్ చేసింది.

Tamil Whatsapp Status

***** Best Love Whatsapp Status In Tamil *****

நான் அதை அமைதியாக செய்ய விரும்புகிறேன்.
நான் கூட இப்போது என் இதயம் வெளிப்படுத்த உங்களுடையது இருக்க வேண்டும் ….

***** Love Status In Tamil Language *****

நான் உங்கள் இருப்பை உள்ளே மண்ணுக்குத்
அவன் தேர்ந்தெடுத்துக் வார்த்தை இருக்கும்!
நான் ஒரு நாள், என் தேர்வு விழுந்து என்று நம்புகிறேன்
ப்ளூஸ் சோல் புதிய ரோஜாக்கள் செய்யும்!

***** Whatsapp Status In Tamil One Line *****

சந்தை வெறுப்பு வாழ ஒரு வித்தியாசமான சுவை உண்டு .
மக்கள் விட்டு சிரித்த விட்டு கூப்பிடுவார்கள்.

***** Love Status For Whatsapp In Tamil Font *****

நாம் நன்றாக நேரம் பயன்படுத்தப்படும்.
மட்டுமே உள்ளது என யாராவது சென்றது வேண்டும்.
ஒரு பிறகு

***** Whatsapp Status In Tamil Font *****

என் இதயம் ஒரு அப்பாவி பறவை இருந்தது
உங்கள் தோட்டத்தில் நீங்கள் அழகு
காதல் ஒரு தானிய போடு
அவள் ஜடை வலை தொங்கும்
அவரை ஒரு கூண்டில் சிறை நேசிக்கிறேன்.

***** Love Status In Tamil For Whatsapp *****

அவர்கள் ஒரு கனவு ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் என்னை அழைக்க முடியும்.
ஊக்கப்படுத்தியது மற்றும் வயது அதிகரிக்க முடியும்.

***** Whatsapp Love Feel Status In Tamil *****

ஓட்டம் அதே திசையில் மெயின்ஸ்ட்ரீம் சிந்தனை.
வழியில் நாம் பல வழிகளில் மாறிவிட்டது.

***** Love Quotes For Whatsapp Status In Tamil *****

என் கண்கள் செய்த மாற்றங்களை என்றால்.
என் கைகள் வரிகளை சிக்கலாகிறது உள்ளன.

***** Whatsapp Love Failure Status In Tamil *****

நல்ல காலநிலை, நல்ல பேச மறு ஆண்டில்.
வெற்றி விஷயங்களை இழக்க, நாங்கள் மொத்தம் வரை சென்று.
நான் கூட கிடைக்கும் .!

***** Love Quotes Status In Tamil For Whatsapp *****

அடுத்து அவர்கள் நல்ல நாட்கள் நம்புகிறேன் .
நாம் சிறந்த நாளும் வீணடிக்கிறார்கள் சென்றார் .

***** Whatsapp Love Feeling Status In Tamil *****

நான் அனைத்து வாழ்க்கை அன்பு .
நீங்கள் என்னை இறந்த விரும்பினால் .

***** Love Quotes In Tamil For Whatsapp *****

அவர் இன்னும் மில்லியன் இதயங்கள் வகிக்கிறது .
என்னை அடையாளம், போதும் .

***** Whatsapp Love Status In Tamil  One Line *****

நான் நீங்கள் என்னுடன் gngnaw வேண்டும் பாடல் கண்டுபிடிக்க முடியாது என்று சொல்லும் போது நீங்கள் என்னை கேட்க முடியாது.

***** Love Quotes In Tamil For Whatsapp Status *****

ஆபத்து காதல் இதயம் நான் என் வாழ்க்கையில் அவர் கடைசி நாள் நாளை ஆசீர்வதித்து.

***** Whatsapp Love Failure Quotes In Tamil *****

உன் முகம் பார்க்க எப்படி, அவன் முகத்தைப் பார்ப்பேன்.

***** Love Failure Quotes For Whatsapp Status In Tamil ******

 என்னை உங்கள் இடையே இந்த விசித்திரமான உறவு என்ன …

***** Whatsapp Love Quotes In Tamil *****

என் இருதயத்தின் விருப்பமும் தேடலை தகுதி இல்லை.

***** Love Quotes Whatsapp In Tamil *****

நான்கு நாட்கள் மற்றும் காதல், நீண்டகாலம் பிரிந்திருப்பது ஒரு நீண்ட பிரிப்பு வென்ற.

அதே நீங்கள் நடக்கும் போது நான் திரும்பி போக வேண்டும்.

ரே உங்கள் வாழ்க்கையில் ஓ செய்தார்.
பகுதியாக தேவையான இருந்தது காதல் அவசியமாக இருந்தது.

Marathi Status

***** Best Whatsapp Friends Status In Marathi *****

मरे, महागले माझ्या आयुष्यात पेक्षा एक कोपरा विचार

मरण पावला कोण एक मित्र आमच्या दिसून आले नाही

***** Best Whatsapp Friends Status In Marathi Font *****

तो मैत्री फक्त जीवन नाही, असे ते म्हणाले

हे सांगतो विचित्र नसता तर

*****  Best Whatsapp Status For Friends In Marathi *****

शत्रू मित्र! मी विश्वास आहे की,

‘अरे परिणाम नाही, नाला नॉरिस

***** Best Whatsapp Friends Attitude Status In Marathi *****

विश्वात काय स्थिती प्रकाश

काय तर जीवन दिव्यासारखा होते हृदय

मी आपले डोळे शोधतात

कसे दरम्यान मैत्री

***** Best Whatsapp Friendship Status In Marathi *****

मी मित्र अगदी योग्य नाही आहे!

दगड काळात माध्यमातून गेला

***** Whatsapp Best Statas Only Friends In Marathi *****

आता, ते योजना योग्य आहे

आता जीवन असेच

मी किरकोळ प्रेमी जखमेच्या

शत्रू मैत्री येऊ शकते

***** Best Whatsapp Status For Friends In Marathi One Line *****

आपण मित्र आहेत

आकाश का आहे

***** Best Whatsapp Status In Marathi For Friendship *****

ज्या ठिकाणी ते सर्व माझ्या मित्रांना माहिती

तो कोणीतरी असेल माझी निराशा त्याचा विश्वासघात केला

***** Marathi Best Whatsapp Friendship Status *****

मैत्री मला होस्ट परवानगी देईल

आकाश आणि जमिनीवर मृत चाला

***** Whatsapp Status Daily For Friends In Marathi *****

मी आपल्या वेदना वाढ होईल

मी त्याला म्हणतात

वेगळे धैर्य

मी मित्र केलेल्या

***** Friendship Whatsapp Status In Marathi *****

घेतले विसरले समजून मित्र

मग आमचा एक मित्र निधन झाले

***** Whatsapp Best Latest Status For Friends In Marathi *****

शक्य नाही तर, ही मैत्री करार

स्पर्धा दूर होणार नाही.

***** Whatsapp Cute Marathi Friendship Status *****

मी एक मित्र उत्कट इच्छा झोपलेला आली आहे

रक्तवाहिनी एक परिपूर्ण जगात

***** Whatsapp Status Everyday With Best Friends In Marathi *****

मित्र निष्ठा आशा

जो मनुष्य होती

We  hope you enjoy and find the best status ,Don’t forget to give us your reviews below in comments section.

Stay Blessed 🙂 🙂

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