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***** Emotional Status *****

When I’m sad means I’m in pain.

***** Emotional Statuses *****

Every innocent has a wild side.

***** Emotional Whatsapp Status *****

I love listening songs sometimes they describe my feelings.

***** Emotional Whatsapp Statuses *****

Listening to music means you want entertainment but understanding lyrics tells that you are in pain.

***** Emotional Status For Whatsapp *****

Sick of crying.

***** Emotional Quotes On Love *****

I hate to cry, shy and to say bye.

***** Emotional Quotes On Life *****

Yes, I’m tired of explaining myself.

***** Emotional Quotes On Husband Wife Relationship *****

People weep not because they are weak but they are tired of being strong.

***** Emotional Love Quotes For Girlfriend *****

Sometimes you need to see some scenes with eyes closed to enjoy the real flavor.

***** Very Emotional Quotes *****

Actually I’m not emotional but just trying to be myself.

***** Emotional Love Quotes For Boyfriend *****

Yes, I shut the door just to weep behind the door.

***** Emotional Quotes On Friendship *****

I like rain because me and sky weeps together.

***** Emotional Quotes About Life *****

People say they love rain but when it rains they shut the windows.

***** Very Emotional Status *****

The real beauty of emotions hides in how you express them.

***** Emotional Quotes For Love *****

Emotions are simply awesome.

***** Emotional Status For Friends *****

Strong people are the one who carry positive emotions in their pockets.

***** Emotional Status In English *****

When I shed tears they are my emotions which I shed.

***** Emotional Status Messages *****

Secrets of emotions are hidden in beauty of attitudes.

***** Emotional Love Status For Whatsapp *****

Emotions can be your strength if you know then.

***** Emotional Quotes About Love *****

Be respectful not moody be strong not emotional.

***** Emotional Blackmail Quotes *****

Emotions speak rapid than gestures and words.

***** Emotional Quotes For Husband *****

My emotions are the kind of my feelings.

***** Emotional Love Quotes For Him *****

Drag the positives from your soul and command your emotions.

***** Emotional Whatsapp Status For Boyfriend *****

Moon have crackers in it and I have emotions that hold me.

***** Emotional Whatsapp Status In English *****

Me and moon are partners we both have some secrets.

***** Emotional Status For Facebook *****

The sun sees what I do and moon knows all my secrets.

***** Emotional Quotes For Girlfriend *****

Make your emotions positive so that you can conquer the world.

***** Emotional Quotes For Best Friends *****

Emotional no dude, I’m real and loyal.

***** Emotional Love Quotes For Her *****

Never compromise on your emotions that relate your dreams.

***** Emotional Romantic Quotes  *****

It’s really interesting to understand our own emotions deeply.

***** Emotional Quotes *****

The depth of emotion is more than the depth of a deadly river.

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