April Fool Status | 30 Hilarious Status For April Fools’ Day

april fool status

***** April Fool *****

I wanna irritate my fellows as it is April Fool ??.

There should be many April fools so that I can make people fool again and again ?.

Keep calm its 1st April today.

***** April Fools *****

I hate when make me April fool??.

Sometimes I even make my parents April fool not August ?.

***** April Fool Images *****

Can’t say anything it’s 1st April today.,

Dear dude ! Hold on we world celebrate April.

***** April Fool Image *****

April fool is the only day you can make fool everyone??.

I love it to play with the ones who hate me on April fool ?.

***** April Fools Images *****

Teacher take surprise test from us and say that she is serious not making April fool ?.

Last April I make my grandmother April fool ?.

***** April Fool Ideas *****

Rest is necessary but no rest on 1st April dear ?.

Yep I like to make April fool?.

***** April Fools Ideas *****

Fun is the most important thing to lead a peaceful life ?.

Granny I know you are my granny but listen I can’t do anything because it’s April fool today ?.

***** April Fool Message *****

Tie up your emotions and do something new dude.

This world is too small to weep but if you want to lead a successful life then you have to celebrate April fool.

***** April Fool Sms *****

Guys lets plan something new for this April.

1st April is just not a day but a whole celebration.

***** April Fools Sms *****

I like to make April fool my friends because they never mind at all .

I want to listen this statement from my teachers that they would give me full marks and they are not Making April fool.

***** April Fools Pranks *****

Hands up for the ones who tackle the situation and make others April fool.

I say that I like you to some people then I add today is 1st April .

***** April Fool Pranks *****

Want to meet my family to make new people April fool.

It’s 1st April today and be ware .

***** April Fools Day *****

I’m too much conscious on April fool.

Only some days are remaining in April fool .

***** April Fool Jokes *****

Can’t keep calm today it’s April fool today.

***** April Fools Jokes *****

Gathering new ideas to make people fool.

***** April Fool Status *****

Yep I know I’m awesome and know different ways to celebrate April fool.

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