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angry quotes

***** Angry Quotes *****

Beware I’m in an angry mood today?

I’m not angry but I don’t wanna talk to you.

***** Angriness Quotes *****

I hate the people who don’t listen to me and later say that I’m angry with them ?.

I’m not moody but now angry with everyone ?.

***** Angry Status *****

Can’t keep calm today I’m angry.

When you are angry just be quiet.

***** Quotes On Angriness *****

Angry is a condition when mind doesn’t work instead tongue works so be careful while making decisions when you are angry ?.

People call me angry bird.

***** Angry Whatsapp Status *****

Don’t talk to me?.

When my mom is angry she screams when I’m angry I used to be quire?.

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***** Angry Status In Hindi *****

मुझसे बात न करें.

मुझे गुस्सा नहीं है लेकिन मैं आपसे बात नहीं करना चाहता।

***** Angry Status For Whatsapp *****

People are mad and when you become mad they start complaining ?.

Don’t talk to me it’s simple.

I’m now a day in a confusing angry mood.

***** Angry Quotes Images *****

Why should I keep calm?I’m angry.

If you don’t like me then buy a map sit on car and go straight to hell ?.

It’s very hard when you are angry and someone says”Sorry” and you are broken inside but you say ” I’m ok”.

***** Angry Status For Boyfriend *****

Angriness is a kind of devil ?.

Don’t let your angriness have deep hold on you.

***** Angry Love Quotes *****

Don’t let your emotions command you instead command your emotions and feelings.

Positivism generates positivity and negativity spoils everything so be careful.

***** Angry Quotes For Him *****

Don’t get angry on your employs because they also have a self-respect.

Always do good with others even if you are angry?.

***** Angry Status For Girlfriend *****

Sometimes I want the person who could understand me when I say “I’m angry”?.

Sometimes you must be angry with some people to tell them that you are also a human being ?.

***** Angry Quotes In Hindi *****

मैं उन लोगों से नफरत करता हूं जो मेरी बात नहीं सुनते हैं और बाद में कहते हैं कि मैं उनसे नाराज़ हूं ?

मैं मूडी नहीं हूं, लेकिन अब सभी के साथ गुस्सा ?

***** Angry Status For Whatsapp In Hindi *****

आज शांत न रहो, मैं क्रोधित हूं।

जब आप नाराज होते हैं तो चुप हो जाओ

I’m a very patient person but I have limits don’t try to cross them ?.

When I’m angry I generally used to be quiet.

***** Angry Quotes For Her *****

Whenever you are angry then visit to a hill station and you would feel better.

Keep calm and forget your angriness?.

People call me angry and I call myself angry bird ?.

***** Anger Management Quotes *****

It’s a new day dude be happy.

I’m angry with myself that but I don’t know why??.

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